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Danena LTD its a London based Tour Operator that will manage and organise your next yoga / meditation retreat in some of the most wonderful locations in Sicily.

Our retreats are 7 days long and usually run Saturday to Saturday.


In order to finalize a booking with Danena Sicily, a deposit of 30% of the trip is required.

All flight costs (domestic and international) are the responsibility and care of each Client. All deposits are non-refundable. Clients who make a booking by telephone or email using a credit card or PayPal will be deemed to have read and agreed to these booking conditions.

A booking is considered accepted and becomes definite on the date Danena Sicily receives the required deposit from the Client, and starting at this point, a binding contract between Danena Sicily and the Client is established.

The established contract between Danena Sicily and the Client also includes all persons who will be participating in the booked trip. When signing the contract, the Client confirms that he/she has full authority to sign on behalf of all travelers and confirms that all persons are aware of and accept the stated conditions.


Following payment of the initial deposit, the remaining balance of the trip costs must be paid to Danena Sicily 30 days prior the retreat start date. If full payment is not received by then, Danena Sicily will treat the booking as a cancellation and proceed to cancel any pending services. Deposits are not refundable.

Payments to Danena Sicily can be made through credit cards, direct deposit or PayPal. Any additional fees for bank transfers (i.e. processing fee costs) must be assumed by the Client.


The Client may cancel the booking at any time, and the cancellation will be confirmed once the cancellation request has been sent to Danena Sicily in writing.
The full course fee has to be paid at least 30 days before the retreat.

If you have to make a cancellation in any case, please note the following:

a) Cancellation up to 4 weeks before the course. Full course fee minus deposit will be refunded.

b) Cancellation : less than 4 weeks; No refund unless you can find another person / group who will attend, then you get the whole refund.

c) Cancellation in case of serious illness, full refund will be honoured.


Danena Sicily will do its best to avoid any unnecessary changes or cancellations to the confirmed services, however, by agreeing to this contract the Client accepts that it may be necessary or strongly advisable to change or modify a trip itinerary or portions of the itinerary as a result of local conditions.

Danena Sicily will do its best to inform the Client of any necessary changes as soon as possible, whether the change becomes necessary at the time of booking, following the preparation of the final trip schedule, or at any point during the Client’s trip.

If a major change is required, depending on the exact circumstances, the Client will be given the option of accepting the change of arrangements or cancelling the booking.

The options for major changes to the confirmed itinerary will apply as long as the major changes are not required as a result of a force majeure. A force majeure can be war, a pandemic, the threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist activities, a natural or nuclear disaster, fire or other extreme weather conditions, technical or any other similar events beyond the control of Danena Sicily.


 The Client is responsible for possessing a valid passport and all required visa permits at the time of travel, as well as making arrangements for all required travel requirements for Italy. Flights and travel costs to and from Italy are the sole responsibility of the Client. Client assumes all responsibility for all medications needed for their own person. If Client needs to refill a prescription, Client must know the generic or brand name for their required prescription(s). Danena Sicily assume no responsibility for any accidental injury sustained by Client within Danena Sicily or any additional travel Client might choose to do outside of Danena Sicily.


All Clients should assess their physical fitness prior to booking this trip to ensure that they meet the requirements for the activities that they will complete during their trip. Clients with existing medical conditions or other health problems should consult with their doctor about their ability to complete the activities prior to booking a trip.

 The Client agrees to accept the authority and decisions of all Danena Sicily, staff, and guides during the trip. If it is determined that the behaviour or health of the Client either before or during the trip may be an endangerment to themselves or to others or result in severe discomfort for other travelers, the Client may be excluded from all or part of the stay at Danena Sicily. If Client is deemed to be a danger to themselves and other guests at Danena Sicily, they will

be booked away from Danena Sicily at their own expense. Clients agree to drink responsibly and maintain responsible decorum at all times with all staff, leaders and other guests.


All Clients participating in trip offered by Danena Sicily are required to obey all applicable local laws and regulations in Italy during this trip. Failure to do so will immediately relieve Danena Sicily from any obligations that would otherwise apply under these booking conditions.


Any Client experiencing an illness, disability or undergoing treatment for a physical or medical condition that may affect their ability to participate in the activities or require special accommodation must provide information
to Danena Sicily about such conditions at the time of booking. The Client should also ensure that all arrangements are in place to have sufficient medication, access to treatment and cover any additional requirements during their trip. Failure on the part of the Client to disclose such information will result in a breach of contract and may result in the exclusion of such persons from this trip, in which case all payment would be forfeited. Client must inform Danena Sicily at the time of booking if he/she is unable to swim. Danena Sicily has a pool and no lifeguard on duty. It is the responsibility for the Client to stay at safe distance from the pool and nearby beaches. By booking this trip, Client agrees that Danena Sicily is not responsible for any accidents while on this trip.


If the Client has a complaint about any of the trip activities or arrangements, the Client must bring it to the attention of Danena Sicily, as soon as reasonably possible. It is important that any complaints or concerns about the trip itself be communicated to Danena Sicily at the Client’s earliest convenience in order for the situation to be addressed, and if possible, remedied, as soon as possible. If the complaint is unresolved following the completion of the trip, the Client should submit the complaint in writing to Danena Sicily within 28 days or less following the completion of the trip, in order for the feedback to be addressed.


Client is responsible to book his/ her trip flights to and from Catania, Sicily Italy.

Danena Sicily will not be held responsible for any flight delay or cancellation caused by extreme weather conditions, decisions by air traffic controllers, airport authorities or local governments, mechanical problems, strikes, or any other reason.


Danena Sicily assumes responsibility for ensuring the trip Client bookings is provided as described and ensures the services meet a reasonable standard of quality.

Danena Sicily acts in the capacity of an agent with regard to legal conditions and when every reasonable precaution is applied, and cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness, damage, loss, additional expenses, delays, or any other irregularity that may be caused by companies or individuals who provide transportation, accommodation, or any other services related to the completion of the trip.

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