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Sat, Oct 14


Danena Sicily

Peace and Power

Dr. Judy L. Scher

Peace and Power

Time & Location

Oct 14, 3:30 PM – Oct 21, 10:00 AM

Danena Sicily, Sicily, Italy

Retreat Details

An intimate and nourishing weeklong journey into self-love and presence. We need inner

space, in body, mind, emotions and soul to hear our intuitive and creative impulse. Do you have

a yearning to manifest a great dream or vision? Do you feel the call into something incredible

but don’t know how to go about it? Or haven’t been able to rally your energy around it? Feeling

a bit stuck? Or are you on the verge of something new and exciting?

We’ll integrate wisdom and principles from ancient meditation traditions, with modern brain-

body science to learn how to build new neural connections that open the door to experiencing

yourself differently other than your habitual state, gently and without force. It is in this way

that we unlock your potential.

Meditation, yoga, nature walks, body mindfulness, simple ritual, quiet time, delicious farm to

table food, sacred community and neuro-energetic table sessions round off the week’s

immersion. Replenish, renew, and recharge deeply and meaningfully. No prior experience

necessary. All levels welcomed.Give yourself space to feel YOU all the way, to prepare your

inner terrain for empowered creativity and manifestation.

Dr. Judy L. Scher is a transformational catalyst, seer, and activator of divine potential. With a

background in yoga, meditation, exercise; a licensed chiropractic doctor, soul guidance mentor

and functional medicine practitioner she brings almost 40 years’ experience while working with

thousands of clients, to bring what’s invisible and make it visible and conscious for embodied,

sustainable, healing and awakening. Dr. Judy was a worldwide instructor to what was known as

Network (chiropractic) Spinal Analysis for 27 years for chiropractic doctors.

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