Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Time & Location

Jul 24, 3:00 PM – Jul 31, 10:00 AM

Retreat Details

Heidi Ulrich and Amanda Dawn Blackley are excited to welcome you to FINDING  BALANCE a unique Yin-Yang yoga experience taking place at Danena Retreat  Centre in southeastern Sicily.  This is an inspiring and unique setting  that allows you to truly unwind, rest and rejuvenate through yin and  yang yoga, mindful meditation practice, delicious and healthy meals all  surrounded by nature, golden sand beaches and the mediterranean sea. 

 Yang classes : Morning  yang yoga is a hatha-inspired flow.  A challenging and fun practice  where Heidi skilfully guides us in dynamic movement accessible to all  levels of practitioners.  A creative blend of strength and softness for  spaciousness of body and mind. Yin classes : Evening  yin classes by Amanda offer a valuable space to slow down and truly let  go, as we move into a moment of silence and stillness. Over the week  the practice will take us through the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, focusing on the different areas and organs of the  body, and their corresponding emotions to rebalance and revive our  energies at every level.