Sat, Aug 27



Embodying the Heart

Embodying the Heart

Time & Location

Aug 27, 3:00 PM – Sep 03, 10:00 AM

DANENA SICILY, Sicily, Italy

Retreat Details

On this eight day, seven night retreat nestled in the radiant beauty of rural Sicily, we will gather together in the alchemy of sisterhood to explore the felt experiences of Embodying the Heart through movement, embodied awareness practices and sound healing. Tapping into the energetics of Desire, Surrender, Receptivity, Discernment and Expression through yoga and somatic experiencing, we will cultivate an intimate connection with our emotional landscape and inner most desires - allowing this relationship to guide us in exploring how we can create our lives in alignment with our heart or in essence, our truth.

About your guides...

Olivia Frassinelli: Olivia is an artist, 200 E-RYT yoga teacher and abdominal massage practitioner. She has led women around the world in developing an intuitive connection to their bodies and the healing that can be found within by facilitating experiences of receptivity and surrender through movement and bodywork. As a guide, her intention is to create a transformative container to fearlessly explore how forming a connection with our inner emotional landscape can become a catalyst to connecting with our heart. Olivia will be guiding gentle and accessible daily yoga practices, sound healing and breath-work as a doorway to Embodying the Heart.

Inbar Jeffery: Inbar is an embodied somatic facilitator, mentor and guide. Trained as a coach in a somatic embodied modality, her work explores themes of feminine self-actualization and presence by drawing on information from the ‘relational field’ where one is always in conversation with another. Her embodied teaching approach is often dialogue-based and practice-led. Inbar will guide our exploration into the meaning and practical practice of Embodying the Heart. With simple yet powerful tools, we will journey together throughout the retreat by dropping into the heart and venture into the rich realm of the felt sense.